MD-POD - Feral Woods

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Welcome to our MD-POD Prison.

The MD-POD keeps you in a capsule where you have to stay for the time set.
Except watching you can do nothing. You may attempt to emote but that will get you punish time.
You have to stay online while in a POD Capsule but there are no idle checks so it is a good place to "park" your avatar over night or while at work.

At Feral woods we have a number of very special themed POS's for your pleasure. See the wall wich number to selcet and for some hints how to use those POD's best.
We do have a few classic PODs, floating tanks, pose as a Merman or -maid, as a statue or get tied up and hang around a while.
For those loving some tough stuff we do have a few Dolcett PODs as well.

The MD-POD Helmet and vision restrictor are required to use the POD and are available from a vendor next to it.

PLEASE READ BEFORE USE !  Tuesday is usually Linden Restart day so plan your POD time around it to avoid Parole time.
Floating and Mertank PODs
BDSM PODs (wear Lockmeister Cuffs!)
Statue PODs
Dolcett and snuff
Classic PODs and others
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